2 weeks ago

                    I played tf2 competitively for awhile, now I'm pretty much just trading for fun. Primarily looking for offers on everything but I'll take pure:

                    S. Festive Pro KS Scatter w/ Point blank kills, meds dropped, and players hit, Agonizing Emerald Flames signed by FROYO Arekk - 32 keys
                    Clairvoyance Sky High Fly Guy - 45 keys
                    Stormy Storm Crocleather Slouch - 15 keys

                    I'd take offers on anything, mostly interested in unusuals/australiums but I'd look into anything.
                    Do NOT add me, send a trade offer here: -- If I am interested in your offer, I may send a counter or I may add you to discuss but I will not accept random adds.


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