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            I will update this post whenever I get a new unusual.

            I am selling these unusuals:

            Sunbeams Burning Bandana : 70 Keys (Discount for pure)
            (Overpay in mixed/items *: 80 keys or more)
            1 of 1 on market (1 of 5 in existence).
            Clean! History:

            Searing Plasma Vive La France: 80 Keys
            (Overpay in mixed/items *: 95 keys or more)
            1 of 2 on market
            Clean! History:

            *Preferably in unusuals and/or australiums/max.

            I don't accept unusual taunts and weapons!

            Please, no lowballs and don't try to scam me.

            Send me an offer. If you need to add me, please read my steam profile before adding me.

            <3 krip

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