❥ Soliora

42 minutes ago

            Hey there! I'm selling these awesome, clean unusuals! <3

            B/O 115 keys for the Charmer's Chapeau, 135-145 in items/mixed
            - Past offers include:
            Roboactive Defiant Spartan
            Morning Glory Wraith Wrap
            Cauldron Bubbles Charmer's Chapeau+Terror-watt Party Phantom+Prof KS Australium Knife

            B/O 80 keys for the Vampire Vanquisher, 90-100 in items/mixed
            - Past offers include:

            B/O 65 keys for the Dread Hiding Hood, 75-85 in items/mixed
            - Past offers include:

            Open to any and all offers and I don't mind a negotiation, so please don't be afraid to offer!

            Feel free to add me, or send a trade offer here~ https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=76230896&token=aOiCkhGo <3

            Hey, how's it going?
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