a month ago
      • x80

      Darkblaze Old Guadalajara [80 keys] -

      sold for 77k

      trade offers only -

      port 👏 bazaar 👏 plus 👏 to 👏 firefox
      This trade is closed.


      My friends, it's a nice hat. I like getting new hats that I like lol. I can see you asked on discord but what kind of answers are those lmaooo. They said guad, like idk what that means in the context here.


      Oh shit just realized they are saying guad as in the hat. Guad is also an insult I thought they were calling me one LOOOL. Well if you want to go off their opinion then sure take the guad instead, but your asking 80 and a ghosts aztec sold for 85, white lightning at 76 pure so PE aztec could definately run more I was gonna ask you to add a little personally so nevermind I guess! Best of luck selling the hat my friend.