6 months ago

                feel free to send any offers or add to discuss

                fruit shooter for 50 keys [60 unusual overpay]
                double spelled [vfb and Gangreen footprints]
                1/1 on the market
                custom name and description

                stately steel toe for 35 keys
                cloudy moon
                1/1 on the market

                shooter's tin topi for 20 keys
                green energy
                1/1 on the market
                painted lime green

                dead cone for 23 keys
                cauldron bubbles
                1/5 [1 is in a banned bp and the other is dupe so really 1/3]
                1/1 on the market

                blood sniper for 2 keys
                specialized [manndarin]]

                bird-man of Aberdeen for 1 key and 25 ref
                painted [lack of hue]
                1 part
                custom name and description

                current event for 3 keys
                loaner tag
                Specialized [hot rod]

                festive ubersaw for 7 keys
                flames and villainous violet

                festive shotgun for 3 keys and 20 ref
                basic killstreak
                custom name and description

                bread bites for 2 keys
                specialized [agonizing emerald]

                festive axtinguisher for 1 key and 30 ref
                specialized deadly daffodil
                custom name

                blood knife for 1 key and 20 ref
                specialized [villainous violet]

                awper hand for 1 key and 7 ref
                basic killstreak

                rust bot scattergun for 1 key and 1 ref
                specialized [manndarin]
                2 parts
                custom description

                This trade is closed.