2 months ago

      Courage's Strange Weapons Shop! (ALL HAVE Strange Parts!!)

      Send a offer! Or add me!
      Cant find what you are looking for? Page 15 of my backpack has all the stranges with parts on them!

      Auto-Trade Bot Active Here ---->

      Will be adding more later! Make sure to Bookmark my trade!!!
      Strange Wrench (Robots Killed) = 1 Key + 20 Ref
      Strange Sniper Rifle (Robots Killed) = 1 Key + 10 Ref
      Strange Bat (Robots Killed) = 1 Key
      Strange Market Gardener (Buildings Destroyed) = 25 Ref
      Strange Killstreak Carbonado Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.I (Players Hit/Heavies Killed/Critical Kills) = 39 Ref
      Strange Eviction Notice (Damage Dealt) = 35 Ref (Part alone is 4.5K!)
      Strange Warrior's Spirit (Damage Dealt) = 35 Ref (Part alone is 4.5K!)
      Strange Degreaser (Teammates Extinguished/Dominations) = 34 Ref (Parts alone are 3 Keys+!)
      Strange Rocket Launcher (Robots Destroyed) = 35 Ref (5-7 Key Part!!)
      Strange Persian Persuader (Robots Destroyed) = 30 Ref (5-7 Key Part!!)
      Strange Rainblower (Robots Destroyed) = 35 Ref (5-7 Key Part!!)
      Strange Silver Botkiller Scattergun Mk.I (Robots Destroyed/Soldiers Killed) = 40 Ref (5-7 Keys in parts!!)
      Strange Wrap Assassin (Airborne Enemy Kills) = 30 Ref
      Strange Atomizer (Dominations/Pyros Killed) = 35 Ref
      Strange Brass Beast (Dominations) = 33 Ref
      Strange Flame Thrower (Dominations/Posthumous Kills) = 22 Ref
      Strange Sniper Rifle (Airborne Enemy Kills/Long-Distance Kills) = 25 Ref
      Strange Direct Hit (Gib Kills) = 20 Ref
      Strange Rust Botkiller Knife Mk.I (Snipers Killed/Heavies Killed) = 21 Ref
      Strange SMG (Dominations) = 20 Ref
      Strange Black Box (Critical Kills/Pyros Killed) = 26 Ref
      Strange Loch-n-Load (Dominations) = 24 Ref
      Strange Rescue Ranger (Robots Spies Destroyed/Killstreaks Ended) = 11 Ref
      Strange Frontier Justice (Critical Kills) = 22 Ref
      Strange Blutsauger (Kills While Low Health) = 9 Ref
      Strange Cleaner's Carbine (Player's Hit) = 17 Ref
      Strange Fire Axe (Medics Killed That Have Full Uber) = 6 Ref
      Strange Huo-Long Heater (Scouts Killed) = 11 Ref
      Strange Rocket Launcher (Killstreaks Ended/Kills While Invuln ÜberCharged/Engineers Killed) = 22 Ref
      Strange Sydney Sleeper (Dominations) = 18 Ref
      Strange Begger's Bazooka (Tanks Destroyed/Engineers Killed/Heavies Killed) = 9 Ref
      Strange Rainblower (Allies Extinguished) = 14 Ref
      Strange Pistol (Dominations) = 25 Ref
      Strange Beggars Bazooka (Gib Kills) = 9 Ref
      Strange Baby Face's Blaster (Airborne Enemy Kills) = 14 Ref

      If I don't get back to you right away, just take a deep breath... and Ill be back in a jiffy. (I Usually respond quick)
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