3 hours ago

                      I'm selling my items for pure or in items overpay. I'm can also sell through the site marketplace.tf or on steam community market. Also i'm accept CSGO items. I'm open to all offers. Feel free to offer.

                      1. Strange Festivized Professional Killstreak Scattergun - 11 keys
                      Professional Killstreaker: Singularity
                      Sheen: Agonizing Emerald
                      Parts Attached:
                      Killstreaks Ended ~13.55 ref
                      Scouts Killed ~1.05–1.1 keys
                      Professional Killstreak! Festivized! Parts!

                      2. Spelled the All-Father - 10 keys
                      Halloween Spell: Sinister Staining!
                      Paint: Pink as Hell. Price paint ~2.75 keys!

                      3. Double spelled Strange Black Box - 6 keys
                      Halloween Spell: Exorcism!
                      Halloween Spell: Pumpkin Bombs!

                      4. Spelled the Outback Intellectual - 5 keys
                      Halloween Spell: Die Job!

                      5. Spelled The Ticket Boy - 5 keys
                      Halloween Spell: Die Job!

                      6. Strange Death Racer's Helmet - 2 keys
                      Commando Grade Hat for scout! Sexy level 100!
                      Paint: An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge. Price paint ~2.8 keys!

                      7. Genuine Ball-Kicking Boots - 2 keys
                      Paint: The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime. Price paint ~2.2–2.3 keys!

                      8. Strange Specialized Killstreak Soda Popper - 1 key
                      Specialized Killstreak! Sheen: Team Shine!

                      9. Strange Airborne Attire - 40 ref
                      Paint: A Deep Commitment to Purple. Price paint ~ 23–23.33 ref
                      Parts Attached: Heavies Killed. Price parts ~ 10.88–11 ref
                      Clean! Mercenary Grade Jacket! Multi class!

                      10. Non-Craftable Strange Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol - 9 ref
                      Rare and collectible item! Clean!

                      11. Non-Craftable Killstreak Loose Cannon - 15 ref

                      Items can be located on the site marketplace.tf or on steam community market! So if you want to offer me something, add me to talk or leave a offer here.

                      I repeat, to trade with me add me to talk or leave a offer here!

                      Link for trade: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=62769180&token=WhASUZg7

                      My marketplace shop: https://mplc.tf/s/76561198023034908