5 months ago

          ------------ Orbiting Fire Bubble Pipe ------------

          ✔ Clean, if that matters to any of you it shouldn't
          Item's history: https://backpack.tf/item/1068372147

          B/O: 17 keys in pure or australiums, or significant overpay in unusuals.

          Rejected offers:
          - Purple Confetti Counterfeit Billycock + 1 key
          - Smoking Archer's Sterling + 4 keys
          - Green Confetti Shellmet

          ------------ Collector's Killing Gloves of Boxing ------------

          B/O: 5 keys in pure, or significant overpay in items.

          Please do not select any other items from my backpack unless I have a trade listing for them!

          Do not add me for trading! Send me a trade offer instead.