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3 hours ago

            Hi, Im selling these 9 beauties!
            Also check out a bunch of other unusuals and items Im selling:
            Havent used bazaar before? What are you doing, log in and start making deem trades! Referral to log in:
            Dont be afraid to offer! I look at all offers and if the amount of pure, aswell as the overpay is correct and meets all my rules, I'll accept!
            While I do prefer trade offers, dont be afraid to add me, in case you wanna negotiate further! I can be quite flexible!

            Sum rules/additional notes:

            Do NOT add me just to tell me about an impersonator who is already banned. HOWEVER, if the impersonator is NOT banned, be sure to report them with proof of them attempting to scam or anyone else, if possible!
            Im mostly interested in pure or mixed downgrades, however decent unusual overpay offers are always welcome, so dont be afraid to offer!
            Taunts and robo hats = HUGE overpay required! All skins also have respective prices for this case.
            I do NOT upgrade, unless the overpay i'm getting is so ridiculously high, that I simply can't decline!
            If your hat is overpriced/inflated/outdated, I will NOT value it at current price (I will most likely value it lower)!
            I often use very explicit language against and block: marked scammers, private profiles, private backpacks, beggars, trolls, lowballers, etc!

            All prices can be found here:
            Send me a trade offer here:

            My favourite Anime, Hentai and Waifus can be found on my MAL
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