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                                    Selling the following painted items:

                                    Only accepting pure

                                    After Eight Breakneck Baggies - 13.66 REF

                                    The Value of Teamwork Cute Suit - 14 REF

                                    Australium Gold Charmer's Chapeau - 6.22 REF

                                    Australium Gold Merc's Muffler - 6.77 REF

                                    Australium Gold Antarctic Parka - 13 REF

                                    Australium Gold Insulated Inventor - 14.22 REF

                                    Australium Gold Safe'n'sound - 4 REF

                                    Australium Gold Bigg Mann on Campus - 4.22 REF

                                    Indubitably Green Graybanns - 8.44 REF

                                    Please don't add me, just send me a trade offer if interested :D

                                    This trade is closed.


                                    this is an amazing price for these items I will like to buy them I will send you a trade offer at night please leave these objects to me they are the things I need to get started.


                                    Hi, I've looked through your backpack, and to me it seems you don't have nearly enough for the items I'm selling. I do hope that you have read the description of my post and do realize that I'm not selling those items for literally 1.44 REF (no offense if you do know that, but it has happened to me before; on, we usually display 1 piece of a currency, and specify the amount in the description; basically we say: "I'm selling this for REF", and not "I'm selling this for 1 REF", you know what I'm saying?)

                                    Again, no offense if you do know that, but looking through your backpack you only have 3.11 REF, whereas the total price of all those items would come up to 49.88 REF.


                                    And once again, sorry if you do understand that, and sorry if I offended you, but shit like this has happened to me before, and it's pretty annoying...