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17 minutes ago

                                                MY TRADES ARE ESCROW-FREE ===> NO 72-HOUR TRADEHOLDS ===> AUTOMATIC INSTANT TRADES! :D


                                                -) As many Pristine Robotparts as possible for 1 Refined each, automatic accept.
                                                -) As many Battle-Worn Robotparts as possible for 0.66 Refined each, automatic accept.
                                                -) As many Reinforced Robotparts as possible for 0.05 Refined (= 1 Weapon or 2 Robotparts for 1 Scrap) each, automatic accept.

                                                Also bigger bulks of the same parts are automaticly accepted.

                                                Note: Please send an offer for different parts seperatly, else autoaccept might not work.


                                                Send tradeoffer please: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=65928682&token=bG-l7wn7

                                                Have a nice day :D

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                                                i thought it was pretty obvious that he buys them for very cheap and sells them on scrap.tf for almost twice as much, sell your items on scrap which pays 1.11 for these items instead of 0.66

                                                your grandson

                                                bro you literally cant fucking fool people like this i thought you wanted 2 of each for a key but nooo you had to fucking put info in the description so you might aswell put the right amount in the fucking trade