♦ lostinparadise ♦

2 years ago

                                                                                I WANT SPELLED AUSTRALIUMS.
                                                                                double spells for weapons that can have em pls, can add pure if needed.
                                                                                Lookin to upgrade.
                                                                                Check my backpack.tf inventory for notes on what i need. (https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198341961816)

                                                                                Things I'll prioritize
                                                                                x2 spelled Aussie Sticky for my stickybomb
                                                                                x2 spelled aussie rocket (hell, i'd take a strange RL with x2 spells and firehorns violet)
                                                                                for my original
                                                                                x2 spelled Aussie flame for my phlog and adds
                                                                                Exo Aussie knife for my knife and a lot of pure

                                                                                Non-aussies i want
                                                                                Strange Exo Bottle (firehorns violet, if possible)
                                                                                Strange Exo Firehorns Violet Escape Plan
                                                                                Strange Exo Scorch Shot (firehorns violet if possible)
                                                                                Strange Exo Detonator (firehorns violet if possible)
                                                                                Strange Exo Powerjack (firehorns violet if possible)
                                                                                Strange x2 spell Degreaser (firehorns violet if possible)
                                                                                Strange Exo Shotgun (firehorns violet if possible) [i have one with exo, i just need violet firehorns.]
                                                                                Firehorns Violet Kits for my weapons that need em.
                                                                                Removed my Strange Cosmetics as those are NFS

                                                                                This trade is closed.