2 months ago

      Looking to sell these goodies for pure or Items overpay.

      Strange Cloud Crasher - 1key and 20ref
      Strange Phobos Filter - 20 refs
      Strange Runner's Warm-Up , also with strange part "Point Blank Kills" - 1 key and 35refs
      Courtier's Collar white color - 34 refs
      Strange Head Hedge , with two strange parts - 20 refs
      (Allied Healing Done (0) ~1.85–1.9 keys
      Point Blank Kills (0) ~34.77–35.55 ref)
      Black colored Vintage Physician's Procedure Mask - 1 key and 37 refs
      Please feel free to add me but write on my profile before you add me , or just send a trade offer with your offer.