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            Hey, I'm selling these 2 sweet scout miscs, looking for pure or unusual overpay
            You can actually equip them both at the same time with any hat you want using method below!

            Circling Heart Herald's Helm (quickswitch misc) - 25 keys
            Blizzardy Storm Bonk Boy (Clean + strange + white paint) - 50 keys

            My backpack https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198107839402

            Quick guide on equipping herald's helm (without quickswitch menu)

            1. Prepare a scout loadout without cosmetic items equipped
            2. Type "map itemtest" in the console (can be done on any map)
            3. Pick scout
            4. Disconnect from the internet
            5. Equip your herald's helm with any hat you want
            6. Reconnect to the internet

            You might need a few tries to do this, try it out for yourself with a normal herald's helm if you want
            This trick works with almost every "whole head" equip region cosmetic in the game

            This trade is closed.