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                                                                                Hello I'm trading my items either by bulk or 1 by one

                                                                                READ THIS FIRST!!!

                                                                                RULES :

                                                                                1.) Add me first since discussion is essential in trading these days since i like the old method of trading via player and player
                                                                                *in trading its fun to chat with people*
                                                                                2.) Each item will have a slight price increase since we all have to make profit
                                                                                *might be from 10-40% depends on how much it values both you and me*
                                                                                3.) don't try to scam me I can cuss people out in different manners
                                                                                *i'm serious*
                                                                                4.) I am ok with people making reservations but the reservations would only take 1 week
                                                                                *i can go further but it needs to be reasonable*
                                                                                5.) Make reasonable offers negotiation is allowed
                                                                                6.) My prices would be slightly larger from Bp.tf once again profit

                                                                                These rules are essential for usual trading, cooperate and we can do a swift professional trade

                                                                                Trade URL: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=899660397&token=YLbjxzMA

                                                                                Have A Good Day

                                                                                This trade is closed.