4 months ago

                            Buying MvM loot for these prices:
                            Pristine - 1 ref each
                            Battle-Worn - 0.66 ref each
                            Reinforced - 1 weapon each
                            Any Unique Killstreak Items or Basic Killstreak Kit* - 5 ref
                            Spec and Pro KS Fabricators - Add me to discuss

                            As long as I have pure metal in my backpack, I'm willing to buy as many as possible. Please use my MvM loot price calculator to calculate how much I'll pay before you make your offer (this calculator is still new, so the fabricator section is incomplete).

                            You can send me a trade offer here.

                            Thanks for checking out my advertisement, and have a wonderful day!

                            *This does not include kits for the C.A.P.P.E.R, Maul, Big Kill, and rare weapons like it.

                            This trade is closed.