3 hours ago

                                                                  IN CASE THE ITEMS ARE NOT SHOWING CORRECTLY, LOOK AT MY CS:GO INVENTORY (link below). I am selling everything tradable in there.
                                                                  selling all of these cs:go items for tf2 items (pure preferred, all offers considered). please use the steam market price as an estimate for the value of the stickers.
                                                                  Example: the NaVi sticker is currently 0,76€ on the community market.
                                                                  A key is 2,12€.
                                                                  Therefore, the sticker should be around [0,76 / 2,12]=0,36 keys
                                                                  since a key is roughly 51 refined, 0,36 keys is [0,36 * 51]= 18,36 refined. this would probably be rounded down to 18.33 ref.
                                                                  Link to my CS inventory:
                                                                  Trade Link:

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                                                                  willing to buy your csgo crates if you have any of them for trade, send me offer or add me to discuss (0.22 each) :)