8 months ago

                  Hellfire Mohawk (Clean, Discounted) - 450
                  Circling TF Logo Rack (Clean, Solly misc) - 90 keys
                  The Eldritch Opening Smokey Sombrero (Clean, 1:2 in existance, 1:1 on market, only 2018 moon for sale) - 144 keys
                  Sunbeams Doctor's Sack (Clean, Cheapest on the market) - 30 keys
                  Orbiting Fire Soldered Sensei (Clean, Cheap Orb Fire Sniper Misc) - 24 keys
                  Circling Peace Sign Stovepipe (Clean, 1:1 on market) - 15 keys
                  Morning Glory Whirly Warrior (Clean, Glitchable Soldier Misc, Sold a similar hat Daz Hazmatten medic misc with morning glory for 120 pure) - 120 keys
                  Roboactive Tsarboosh (Clean, 1:1 on market, Only robo effect for sale) - 55 keys

                  Trade Offer: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=160406902&token=RNB_ZCjK
                  Backpack: https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198120672630
                  Open to any offers, Mainly looking for pure, misc or halloween unusuals but can take a look at anything else.

                  This trade is closed.