6 months ago

                    Time Warp Nappers Respite (Clean, 1:1 on market) - 80 keys
                    SBTWC Tavish Degroot Experience (Clean, 1:1 on market) - 100 keys
                    Burning Soldier's Stash (High tier burning soldier misc) - 400 keys
                    Morning Glory Soviet Gentleman (Clean, Buy order originally at 42 keys, 1:1 on market) - 60 keys
                    Time Warp Tossle Cap (Cheapest on the market, Discounted) - 115 keys
                    Sunbeams Bonk Boy (Strange, Discounted, Scout Misc) - 230 keys
                    Tesla Coil L'Inspector (Clean, 1:2 Exist, 1:1 on market) - 40 keys
                    Burning Pyro's Beanie (Retired Hat, Matching Orange Footprints, 1:1 on market) - 60 keys

                    Trade Offer: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=160406902&token=RNB_ZCjK
                    Backpack: https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198120672630
                    Open to any offers, Mainly looking for pure, misc or halloween unusuals but can take a look at anything else.

                    This trade is closed.