3 hours ago

                                                        Buying Spells

                                                        Paying 2 keys per Corpse Grey / Violent Violet footprint spelled cosmetic
                                                        Paying 3 keys per Bruised Footprints / Gangreen / Team Spirit footprint spelled cosmetic
                                                        Paying 4+ keys per Rotten Orange footprint spelled cosmetic
                                                        Paying 5+ keys per Headless Horseshoes footprint spelled cosmetic

                                                        Paying 1 - 1.5 keys per Putrescent Pigmentation / Die Job / Sinister Staining paint spelled cosmetic
                                                        Paying 2 keys for most Spectral Spectrum / Chromatic Corruption paint spelled cosmetic

                                                        Paying 24 ref for Voices from Below spelled items

                                                        Paying 24 ref + price of weapon for Exorcism spelled items
                                                        Paying 30 ref + price of weapon for Pumpkin Bombs spelled items
                                                        Paying 1 key + price of flamethrower for Halloween Fire spelled items
                                                        Paying 5 keys for Halloween fire Phlogistinator

                                                        Paying 1.5 keys + price of weapon without spell per weapon with double spells

                                                        Send trade offers or comment here if you have any questions on pricing. Not buying spelled unusual sorry

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