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                    [Pyro] Circling TF Logo Burning Beanie: 23 keys.
                    (Overpay in items*: 27 keys or more)
                    SUPER Clean! History:

                    [ALL CLASSES!] Green Confetti Hot Dogger: 19 keys.
                    (Overpay in items*: 23 keys or more)
                    Clean! History:

                    [Heavy] Bubbling Warhood: 14 keys + 25 ref.
                    (Overpay in items*: 17 keys or more)
                    Clean! History:

                    *Preferably in unusuals and/or australiums.

                    I don't accept unusual taunts as payment!

                    DON'T ADD ME, please. Send me a trade offer instead. If you need to talk to me, comment on my profile first.