a month ago

                                                                    I am Looking For the listed Strange FESTIVE Weapons. Add me if you have any of these and we can negotiate a fair price. I have plenty of keys and am willing to buy multiple in one trade.
                                                                    Like items from my other trades? Add me and we can work out a fair trade!
                                                                    Please add me or send a trade offer, I prefer to be added for negotiation.
                                                                    I am NOT a fan of Killstreaks or Strange Parts so I will NOT add much for them!

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                                                                    it's bugged this is actually an australium spelled painted team captain with scorching flames unu effect. practically im quickselling for 5000 keys less than its actual worth

                                                                      Jallu ツ

                                                                      Hey! Would you be interested in my Strange Festive Spec. Ks knife?
                                                                      Im asking for 12 keys, i counted -50% off the parts. It has dominations part, Snipers killed and airborne enemies killed.
                                                                      It has a villainous violet sheen.