GeronimO [Buying Quicksells]

2 days ago

                                  Quickbuying TF2 items! CAN ALWAYS OUTBID OTHERS BUYERS!

                                  ///////////////////////////// UNUSUALS ////////////////////////////////
                                  Low Tier = 5 refs more than highest buyer on
                                  Mid Tier = 1 - 2 keys more than highest buyer on
                                  High Tier = Depends on the hat
                                  God Tier = I'm willing to negotiate!
                                  Check your UNUSUAL EFFECT TIER here -

                                  NOT paying more for spells, parts, paints!
                                  NO random adds - COMMENT why adding me
                                  NOT FOLLOWING THIS LISTING = BLOCK
                                  I preffer ADDING instead of SENDING OFFER
                                  In case i will have no pure - I can buy your item through Steam Market!

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                                  this is full price, willing to negotiate some and give heavy discount if you buy all three
                                  Frostbite Outdoorsman- 48 keys
                                  Ring of Fire Highway Star- 20 keys
                                  Static Mist Taunt: The Russian Arms Race- 3.8 keys
                                  send me a message or add me on steam to discuss :)