6 months ago

                                                                How to trade:

                                                                Add me/comment on my profile or send me a trade request, I am a fast trader dude

                                                                Prices to follow

                                                                The Kringle Collection - 2.66ref
                                                                The War on Smissmas Battle Hood - 10ref
                                                                Antarctic Parka - 8.66ref
                                                                Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe - 2.33ref
                                                                The Shogun's Shoulder Guard - 2.33ref
                                                                The Killer's Kit - 3.66ref
                                                                The Classified Coif - 3.66ref
                                                                The War Pig - 2.66ref
                                                                Skullcap - 32ref
                                                                Cold Snap Coat - 38ref
                                                                The Doublecross-Comm - 15ref
                                                                The Merc's Muffler - 3ref
                                                                The Bruiser's Bandanna - 14.66ref
                                                                The All-Father - 12.66ref
                                                                Airborne Attire - 14.66ref
                                                                Buck Turner All-Stars - 18.33ref
                                                                The Breakneck Baggies - 5.33ref
                                                                The Brotherhood of Arms - 4.66ref
                                                                Weight Room Warmer - 7.33ref
                                                                Killer Exclusive - 1.33ref
                                                                The Anger - 3.66ref
                                                                The Snow Scoper - 3.33ref
                                                                Villain's Veil - 3.66ref
                                                                The Birdman of Australiacatraz - 3ref
                                                                The Classy Capper - 6ref
                                                                Scoped Spartan - 4ref
                                                                Down Under Duster - 25ref
                                                                The Chronomancer - 2.66ref
                                                                The Cammy Jammies - 9ref
                                                                Down Tundra Coat - 6.66ref

                                                                Do not add me or send me a trade offer if you do not follow my price
                                                                Not gonna pay more for the painted cosmetics

                                                                How will I notice you? ADD ME / COMMENT ON MY PROFILE / SEND A TRADE OFFER

                                                                Fast trader and on point trader.