6 months ago

                                                                                    How to trade:

                                                                                    Add me/comment on my profile or send me a trade request, I am a fast trader dude

                                                                                    Prices to follow

                                                                                    Airtight Arsonist - 3.33ref
                                                                                    The Blizzard Breather - 1.66ref
                                                                                    Sweet Smissmas Sweater - 4.33ref
                                                                                    Wanderer's Wear - 4.33ref
                                                                                    The Lunatic's Leathers - 2.66ref
                                                                                    The Mishap Mercenary - 19.66ref
                                                                                    The Hot Case - 10.66ref
                                                                                    Trickster's Turnout Gear - 3.33ref
                                                                                    The Winter Wonderland Wrap - 2ref
                                                                                    Fear Monger - 13.66ref
                                                                                    Siberian Sweater - 6.66ref
                                                                                    Jungle Booty - 2.66ref
                                                                                    Warhood - 4.33ref
                                                                                    The Heavy Lifter - 10.66ref
                                                                                    Aqua Flops - 2.66ref
                                                                                    Siberian Tigerstripe - 10.33ref
                                                                                    Cool Capuchon - 3.66ref
                                                                                    Paka Parka - 9ref
                                                                                    Commissar's Coat - 16ref
                                                                                    Mediterranean Mercenary - 2ref
                                                                                    El Caballero - 11.66ref
                                                                                    The Dogfighter - 5.66ref
                                                                                    The Antarctic Researcher - 6ref
                                                                                    The Puggyback - 10.66ref
                                                                                    Rocket Operator - 10.33ref
                                                                                    El Patron - 5.66ref
                                                                                    Endothermic Exowear - 4ref
                                                                                    The Level Three Chin - 7.33ref
                                                                                    Winter Backup - 5ref
                                                                                    The Wide-Brimmed Bandito - 7.66ref
                                                                                    The Nunhood - 4.66ref
                                                                                    The Heat of Winter - 10ref
                                                                                    The Angel of Death - 3ref
                                                                                    A Brush with Death - 3ref
                                                                                    Coldfront Commander - 11ref
                                                                                    Physician's Procedure Mask - 2ref
                                                                                    The Colonel's Coat - 3.66ref
                                                                                    Miser's Muttonchops - 2.66ref
                                                                                    The Quadwrangler - 2.66ref
                                                                                    Blighted Beak - 7ref

                                                                                    Do not add me or send me a trade offer if you do not follow my price
                                                                                    Not gonna pay more for the painted cosmetics

                                                                                    How will I notice you? ADD ME / COMMENT ON MY PROFILE / SEND A TRADE OFFER

                                                                                    Fast trader and on point trader.
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