astirien ♡ [⇄]

a month ago

                          Hello everyone,

                          I am buying the following items for the following price⇄


                          The Quäckenbirdt= 1.66 ref
                          The Conscientious Objector= 1.77 ref
                          Apoco-Fists= 3.66 ref
                          AWPer Hand= 3.77 ref
                          Sharp Dresser= 3.33 ref
                          Three-Rune Blade= 4.33 ref
                          Maul= 3.66 ref
                          Fishcake= 15.22 ref
                          Mutated Milk= 25 ref
                          Self-Aware Beauty Mark= 17 ref

                          Price is FIRM
                          Please dont add me,
                          Send me a trade offer⇄

                          This trade is closed.