Lord of The Clown dota.money

2 days ago

                                                I'm QUICK BUYING UNUSUALS HAT, WEAPON, WARPAINT. SPELL. Key stock: 140 key
                                                Buying at around 1 ref to 1 key more than buy order depent on the hat. I pay more for old halloween, good robo, EOTL effect, misc. I pay less for dupe.
                                                For spell, post a comment and i will check or add me or send me a trade(not buy spell unusual).
                                                Please dont expect me to pay full price or the price you want
                                                Also check out my shop : https://marketplace.tf/shop/dontfukwithmymom

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                                                hey I have a strange professional killstreak direct hit with team shine and fire horns could you do like somewhere between 9-11 keys?