5 months ago

                      Note : Doesnt give a F*ck if its a robo hat, gifted, or a 3rd gen this is my store i buy stuff and sell anything that comes my way

                      Selling: Rimmed Raincatcher

                      Selling For

                      B/O : Taking Offers


                      Keys for upgrade : 9 Keys


                      currently on steam :3
                      Weapons (Australium/Collectors/Spelled/Strange/Parts/Festivized)
                      Hats (Collectors/Spelled/Strange)

                      *Basically anything*

                      Just send me a damn offer
                      Le Trade Url: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=899660397&token=YLbjxzMA
                      If you want to discuss, add me (don't worry i only have bout less than 100 friends mostly traders)
                      Mostly Interested in Medic and Spy unusuals


                      Class: Demoman
                      Effect: Blizzardly Storm
                      Status: Clean
                      Status: Tradeable/ Marketable
                      Priced: 3 months ago

                      Any Offers considered
                      no need to be scared as long as its a good offer I really don't care
                      Buy it

                      Unusuals/Items Sold:
                      Big Elffin Deal
                      Armored Authority
                      Wriath Wrap
                      German Gonzilla
                      Ye Old baker
                      Plug in Prospector
                      Strange Professional Killstreak Festive Spy-Cicle
                      Genuine Professional Killstreak AwperHand
                      Unusual Jenissery Ketche Kill a Watt
                      Unusual Taunts: Shred Alert (Void) and Ballooini (Showstopper)
                      Unusual Toy Maker Cloud 9
                      Unusual Climbing Commander Aces High
                      Unusual L'Inspectur
                      Nuts and Bolts professionals Panama
                      Nuts and Bolts Elf Esteem

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