Team Captain

5 hours ago

            Im buying any stuff that you have,̣won't buy skins,paying a bit over B/O. Send Offers.Not buying anything other than unusuals :/
            Unusual:Less Robo hat, Heavy, 3rd Gen, Confetti Effect, Unpriced, Duped,Not counting paints, strange parts on unusuals
            If i cancel,hide your trade offer it means that im not interested
            >Trade offer link<
            Not so interested in unusual taunts
            Not rlly a huge fan of new unusual hat so...
            I don't perfer nuts&bolts, fettis,O. planets,Aces High,Dead Presidents,bubbling,flies unless it's a good deal so keep that in mind when you offering me
            Also don't expect me to pay full price for your buy out, like rlly what do you expect?
            Willing to pay more for EOTL, robo and halloween effects
            Note:Please say your offer along with how many keys are you looking for, i can't and won't do that job for you

            Black listed people:
            wabba doo
            King Jeliman
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