a week ago

                                  Looking to buy specific spells for a good price
                                  ---SPELLS WANTED---
                                  cc +hh miscs and spelled lowcrafts(will pay about full price)*
                                  COMMENT BEFORE OFFERING
                                  QUICKBUYING PAINT SPELLS WITH 22 KEYS
                                  ---Price list---
                                  Chromatic: 2-3 keys
                                  Spectral: 2-1keys
                                  Staining: 2-1 keys
                                  Die job: ~1 key
                                  Pigmentation: ~1 key
                                  ALL FOOTPRINTS ALONE: 2-4 keys
                                  VFB: not buying unless double spelled or on a rare item, only adds a key or less.
                                  WEAPON SPELLS: not buying
                                  Spelled unusual prices vary, only offering on it if its a paint spell unusual.
                                  NOTE: I will not buy everything, I'm not a key machine.
                                  TRADE LINK:

                                  *depends on item

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