8 months ago

                      stock 15k
                      Looking for CSGO items
                      Steps to getting me to purchase your item

                      • List the name of your item in a post below [M4A1-S Boreal Forest]
                      • State the quality of the item [Battle Scarred, Field Tested, Factory New, etc]
                      • List your price in TF2 items only. Use refined and keys as your pricing.
                      • Wait for me to respond or accept your offer

                      If you do not wish to use metal or keys, and instead want a specific item, list what you want and I can see what I'll do.

                      I will do a few deals instantly without needing approval though.
                      - One of my TF2 keys for your CSGO keys [non-sticker]
                      - Six of your sticker capsules for any common craftable weapon in my backpack.

                      Please send trade offers if you win any auction of mine, I tend to accept them much more quickly compared to adding me. Do not add me for trades, I will not respond.

                      This trade is closed.