8 months ago

      Hello there folks!
      Im quickbuying spells with sizable discounts
      Prices may vary depending on paint region, amount of sellers etc.
      So most likely im willing to pay more for a spelled hat

      Weapon spells (non-unique ones svp)
      Halloween fire [~40 ref + Item price]
      Pumpkin bombs [~30 ref + item price]

      Footprints spells:
      Corpse Gray Footprints [~1.5 key]
      Violent Violet Footprints [~1.5 key]
      Bruised Purple Footprints [~ 2 keys]
      Gangreen Footprints [~ 2 keys]
      Team Spirit Footprints [~ 3 keys]
      Rotten Orange Footprints [~ 4 keys]
      Headless Horseshoes [~ 5 keys]

      Paint spells:
      Sinister staining [~ 0.5-1 key]
      Putrescent Pigmientation [~ 0.5-1 key]
      Die job [~ 0.5-1 key]
      Spectral Spectrum [~ 1-2 keys]
      Chromantic Corruption [~ 1-2 keys]

      [Current stock: 24 keys pure]

      If you have double spelled one you can always hit me up on steam or just shoot me an offer I'll probably counteroffer to adjust the price.

      This trade is closed.