8 months ago


                                                    Stock: 33 keys and some refs

                                                    I'm buying:

                                                    -Fabricators (Professionals and specialized)
                                                    -Professionals, specialized and basic kits.
                                                    *For most specialized kits i will pay between 25 refs And 30 refs.
                                                    *For Professionals there no stablished price.
                                                    *or most specialized i'm paying 1 scrap and most professionals 1 ref.
                                                    Note 2: If you have a good fab that i'm interested on i could pay more.


                                                    -Any killstreak (basic, specialized and professional) weapons and Stranges with killstreak too.
                                                    *I'm only paying around 2-15% more of it's original for Festivized, Parts and good sheens/killstreakers

                                                    -Painted cosmetics with black, white or pink paint (I will guide me on prices from buy orders and add a bit more)

                                                    Thanks and leave your offer below

                                                    This trade is closed.