Lucky Jackie

8 months ago


                      Cloud 9 Full Metal Drill Hat Soldier

                      Orbiting Fire Melted Mop Pyro

                      Tesla Coil Bot Dogger All-Class

                      Orbiting Fire Bomber's Bucket Hat Demoman

                      MY MARKETPLACE
                      NOT QUICKSELLING:)

                      Mainly looking for pure/Steam Funds(If you cover the fee or Steam Wallet if you go first/Marketplace Funds)and Downgrades.Not interested in upgrades.
                      Leave your offers!They will be listed on Marketplace so add me with your offer in the comments.

                      My 24/7 Trading bot with hundreds of items !
                      I'm buying TRADING CARDS/CSGO CASES FOR 0.33 Refined each!
                      Send me an offer!
                      This trade is closed.