7 months ago

                  Buying Spy Stuff

                  Currently in the mood to buy spy stuff ranging from unusuals to asutraliums

                  Note: Not interested at buying paints atm, I already have a set i can stay with

                  Unusuals: Even thoug im buying for personal reasons im still not buying for full price id accept lowest sellers or discounted stuff either that or just comment down below and i'll look into it
                  -15-17 Key hats more likely to accept
                  *Haloween Effects are more desirable*

                  Spells : Currently holding onto one spy spell jic i find something better here but if your hat/ weapons is better id look into it/ buy it

                  Stranges : I may pay a little more for parts depending on if its a reasonable combo/ good part and id be likely more to accept it if its a killstreak one

                  Australiums : Fell free to offer any ausie from all classes, cant complain as they say.

                  *No complains about other types*
                  Current stock:17.5 Keys

                  Note: Yes its a low stock price so when i buy something i might take this post down immediately so offer now as you can

                  This trade is closed.