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                      Its a party out here. I Call it the Scortching Disco
                      I'm Selling these lovely Unusuals for Pyro, spy, Soldier and Sniper

                      Disco Beat Down Brain Bucket 21 keys, 44.77 ref
                      Disco Beat Down Professional's Panama 23 keys, 25 ref
                      Steaming Bonk Helm 9 keys 10 ref
                      Scorching Flames Airdog ⠀32 keys
                      Disco Beat Down Janissary Ketche ⠀9 keys, 1 ref
                      Disco Beat Down Shooter's Sola Topi ⠀12 keys
                      Disco Beat Down Defiant Spartan ⠀22 keys
                      Green Energy Whoopee Cap ⠀34 keys

                      or item overpay

                      Feel free to send an offer. If you're gonna offer item overpay, Offer them on Bazaar down in the comments I'll have a look.

                      Trade offer url

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