Elmo with a knife unusuals.tf

a day ago

                                  I am selling a bunch of unusuals and aussies (with some other stuff). Check em out! They are

                                  A strange Specialized killstreak box festive backburner for 5 keys 30 ref

                                  A Hero's tail with putrescent pigmentation on it for 4 keys

                                  A Carouser's capotain with sinister staining on it for 4 keys

                                  A Festivized Professional killstreak Crusader's Crossbow for 7 keys

                                  A smoking Herald's Helm for 20 keys

                                  A Circling peace sign shutterbug which is going for 9 keys

                                  A static shock luxury longue which is going for 9 keys

                                  A circling peace sign flipped trilby for 16 keys

                                  A specialized killstreak australium black box with Team Shine for 16 keys

                                  Also accepting offers so if you have something, don't be afraid to comment! Though the only thing I'm not accepting are skins. Worst I can say is no.

                                  Also buying a bunch of different items on my bp https://backpack.tf/classifieds?steamid=76561198839147348

                                  Trade link if you need it

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