The Real Slim Strange

a year ago

              Strange Uncraftable Third Degree (Non Crit Nor Mini-Crit Kills part): 5 ref
              Strange Third Degree (Players Hit part): 12 ref
              Strange Sandman (Point Blank Kills part): 12 ref
              Strange Candy Cane (Buildings Destroyed part): 12 ref
              Strange Rust Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.I (Players Hit part): 17 ref
              Strange Natascha (Airborne Enemy Kills part): 16 ref
              Strange Natascha (Builodings Destroyed part): 20 ref
              Strange Equalizer (Kills While Explosive Jumping, Airborne Enenmy Kills parts): 25 ref
              Strange Backburner (Projectiles Reflected part): 30 ref
              Strange Carbonado Botkiller Minigun Mk.I (Robots Destroyed part): 30 ref
              Strange Carbonado Botkiller Knife Mk.I (Damage Dealt part): 32 ref
              Strange Liberty Launcher (Dominations, Kills While Explosive Jumping parts): 35 ref
              Strange Rainblower (Teammates Extinguished, Dominations parts): 35 ref
              Strange Rust Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.I (Snipers Killed part): 1 key
              Strange Carbonado Botkiller Wrench Mk.I (Sappers Removed, Engineers Killed parts): 1 key
              Strange Specialized Killstreak Festive Chargin' Targe (Sheen: Deadly Daffodil): 3 keys
              Strange Specialized Killstreak Quick-Fix (Allied Healing Done part, Sheen Team Shine): 4 keys 40 ref

              I prefer pure, but I can take item offers, tell me in the comments or send an offer

              Note: I update my prices more regularly on than here:

              This trade is closed.