4 months ago

        Hello :D

        Im quickbuying Unusuals

        Stock: 31 Keys (41 keys on monday)

        I don't buy unusual taunts/weapons.

        Comment your offer below or send me a trade offer
        Pls don't add me, if you want to negotiate comment here and i'll add you if needed.

        Have a nice day :D

        This trade is closed.


        Burning flames mighty mitre,bots offer 40,lowest other seller is selling his for 51,im looking for 46ish,if you are interestedadd me! Willing to negotiate


        Hello :D thank you for your offer. I currently have 31 keys + 10 after 9am on monday (UTC + 2), but i could get another key. So i would offer you 42 keys for your unu.