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                                                                                                                                Selling (Not buying)#66 Professional Killstreaks:

                                                                                                                                ♦Updated new stuff: 20:30(UTC) 07/04/2021

                                                                                                                                []If someone is lower than me I can lower the price, ask in the comments down below :)
                                                                                                                                I don't bite πŸ˜‰

                                                                                                                                (CTRL+F to search ):

                                                                                                                                Top Tier (sells almost instantly)
                                                                                                                                .[Fire horns , Team shine]
                                                                                                                                High Tier
                                                                                                                                .[Flames, Team shine] [Tornado, Team shine]
                                                                                                                                Mid Tier
                                                                                                                                .[Incinerator, Team shine] [Singularity, Team shine]
                                                                                                                                Low Tier
                                                                                                                                .[Hypno, Team shine] [Cerebral discharge, Team shine]

                                                                                                                                *New Stuff*
                                                                                                                                πŸ‘“ Kit Black Rose(Incinerator, Team shine) 16.45€(SCM) <


                                                                                                                                Strange πŸ‘“Eyelander (Fire horns ,Villanous Violet) 36.45€(SCM) <


                                                                                                                                🏭Batsaber (Flames, Team shine)16,68€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                🏭Killing Gloves of Boxing (Flames, Team shine)7.45€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                🏭Chargin' Targe (Tornado, Team shine)3.45€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                🏭Pain Train (Flames, Team shine).78€ (SCM) <


                                                                                                                                🏭Rainblower (Tornado, Team shine)4.45€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                🏭Axtinguisher (Tornado, Team shine)3.95€ (SCM) <


                                                                                                                                🏭Three-Rune Blade (Flames, Team shine)3.95€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                🏭Air Strike (Flames, Team shine)3.93€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                🏭Eureka Effect fab (Tornado, Team shine) 1.75€ (SCM) <


                                                                                                                                πŸ‘“ Kit Hot Hand(za hando)(Flames, Team shine) 8.45€(SCM) <

                                                                                                                                🏭Quickiebomb Launcher (Flames, Team shine) 5.45€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                🏭Hot Hand (Tornado, Team shine)4.15€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                🏭Bat Outta Hell Fab (Fire horns ,Villanous Violet) 3.95€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                🏭Sharp Dresser (Hypno, Team shine) 3.35€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                🏭Air Strike (Incinerator, Team shine)3.15€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                🏭Righteous Bison (Tornado, Team shine)2.20€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                🏭Unarmed Combat Fab (Fire horns ,Villanous Violet) 1.45€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                🏭Liberty Launcher (Hypno, Team shine) 1.24€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                🏭Chargin' Targe (Hypno, Team shine) 1.20€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                🏭Loch-n-Load (Singularity, Team shine) 1.10€ (SCM) <


                                                                                                                                πŸ‘“ Kit Lugermorph(Cerebral discharge, Team shine) 16.45€(SCM) <

                                                                                                                                🏭Big Earner (Singularity, Team shine) 7.45€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                🏭Scotsman's Skullcutter(Incinerator, Team shine) 2.65 €<(SCM)

                                                                                                                                🏭Back Scratcher(Flames, Team shine) 2.35€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                🏭Neon Annihilator(Flames, Team shine) 2.15€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                🏭Sharp Dresser(Hypno, Team shine) 1.95€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                🏭Reserve Shooter(Flames, Team shine) 1.45€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                🏭Pomson 6000(Flames, Team shine) 1.45€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                🏭Tribalman's Shiv(Incinerator, Team shine) .85 €<(SCM)

                                                                                                                                🏭Family Business (Cerebral discharge, Team shine).85€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                🏭Boston Basher(Hypno, Team shine) .63€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                🏭Scottish Handshake(Flames, Team shine) .45€ (SCM) <


                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Loch-n-Load (Flames, Team shine) 3.95€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Scotsman's Skullcutter (Flames, Team shine) 3.20€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Bushwacka (Flames, Team shine)1.25€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Nessie's Nine Iron (Tornado, Team shine)1.15€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Detonator (Hypno, Team shine).85€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Bread Bite (Hypno, Team shine).45€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Warrior's Spirit (Flames, Team shine).25€<(SCM)

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Vita-Saw (Incinerator, Team shine).25€<(SCM)


                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Mantreads Fab (Hypno,Villanous Violet) 7,95€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Blutsauger Fab (Flames, Team shine) 3.75€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Big Kill Fab (Hypno, Team shine)3,15€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Liberty Launcher Fab (Flames, Team shine) 1.39€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Big earner Fab (Flames,Villanous Violet) 1,24€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Reserve Shooter Fab (Singularity,Villanous Violet) 1,24€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Claidheamh MΓ²r Fab (Hypno, Team shine) 1.15€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Short Circuit Fab (Incinerator, Team shine) .75€ (SCM) <


                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Vaccinator Fab (Singularity, Team shine) 9.15€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Big Earner Fab (Incinerator, Team shine) 5.45€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Fan O'War Fab (Hypno, Team shine) .95€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Atomizer Fab (Cerebral discharge,Team shine) .35€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                Kit πŸ‘“β‡„Liberty Launcher (Fire horns ,Villanous Violet) 9.85€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                Kit πŸ‘“β‡„Pro KS Southern Hospitality (Fire horns , Deadly Daffodil) 7.45€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Wanga Prick fab (Fire horns ,Villanous Violet) 5.45€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Escape Plan Fab (Hypno, Team shine) 2.45€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Holiday PunchFab (Hypno, Team shine) 2.10€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Spy-cycleFabricator (Incinerator, Team shine) 1 key or item overpayTrade offer link< (I can also sell it on the SCM(here))

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Eureka Effect fab (Incinerator,Villanous Violet) 1.85€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Three Rune Blade fab (Hypno,Villanous Violet) 1.45€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Chargin targe Fabricator (Hypno, Team shine) .95€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Nessie's Nine Iron fab (Incinerator,Villanous Violet) .95€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Equalizer fab (Incinerator,Villanous Violet) .65€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Homewrecker fab (Incinerator,Villanous Violet) .43€ (SCM) <

                                                                                                                                πŸ­β‡„Warrior's Spirit Fabricator (Tornado, Team shine ) .20€ (SCM) <

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