Revenant Maiden

2 years ago

                                I'm buying robo-parts in bundle ;
                                + Battle-worn : 0.55 ref / 5 scrap
                                + Reinforced : 0.05 ref / 0.5 scrap
                                + I don't think buying Pristine but if you got an offer, hmu i might buy them too
                                Fabricators: i will pay 1 scrap for 4 fabricator. We can negoiate it tho, just add a comment on there or on my profile
                                If i already have that one I won't buy.
                                Also i wont buy these fabricators : C.A.P.P.E.R., Unarmed, Objective, Ham, Iron Curtain, Black Rose.
                                I also buy ks kits. For normal weapons, not the ones that i listed up there ^.
                                However, i will lower the price if you sell me some parts or kits, for example let's say:
                                spec.ks kit's price is 30ref and you sold me total 5ref part/kit, I will lower the price to 25.
                                Currently i got this fabricators to make them as kits and sell them to you, if you got an order just comment and i will tell you it's price and will make it for you
                                At the moment i have ''Specialized KS. Machina Kit (agonizing emerald)'' for 35ref.
                                Feel free to add me if you want to discuss or ask something, I'm almost always online. GMT+3.
                                Even if it's a month old i probably still buy it.

                                I'm not looking at this site often so, add me or comment on my profile.
                                This trade is closed.