bananakin [HF]

2 years ago

      Strange 3 - Parted Flamethrower (7 keys in parts); Selling for 2.75 keys
      Strange 2 - Parted Festivized Aquamarine Rocket Launcher (WW) (1 Key in parts); Selling for 2 Keys
      Strange 3 - Parted Silver Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.I (1.7 keys in parts); Selling for 1.75 Keys
      Specialized Killstreak and Festivized - Totally Boned Rocket Launcher (FN, Villainous Violet) 2 Keys

      Trade Link:

      I accept pure in prices above, I also can accept a 25% item overpay (take 25% of the pure cost, and have items that equal that 125%)