15 minutes ago

                                  Blizzardy Storm Law for 60K

                                  Green Energy Bullet Buzz for 50K

                                  Purple Confetti Crone's Dome for 40K

                                  Sunbeams Shooter's Sola Topi for 30K

                                  Disco Beat Down Your Worst Nightmare for 30K

                                  Terror-Watt Infernal Impaler for 20K

                                  Circling TF Logo Scotsman's Stove Pipe for 16K

                                  Aces High Hollowed Helm for 15K

                                  Stormy Storm Hive Minder for 12K 30REF

                                  Aces High Towering Titanium Pillar of Hats for 12K 20REF

                                  Terror-Watt Sole Mate for 11K 30REF

                                  Dead Presidents Melted Mop for 8K

                                  Open to all offers, im always negotiable. I can downgrade/upgrade

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