Devil⭐May⭐Cry [⇄]

3 hours ago

                      Hi all iam Selling this sweet Unusual Items,

                      (Soldier) Green Energy Crack Pot + Paint: Pink as Hell for 34 Keys,

                      (Pyro) Eldritch Flame Neptune's Nightmare for 80 Keys,

                      (Pyro) Hot Specialized Killstreak Spider Season Flame Thrower (Minimal Wear) for 43 Keys,

                      (Heavy) Cool Potent Poison Tomislav for 33 Keys,

                      (All-Class) Strange Polar Forecast Shoestring Santa for 50 Keys, *New* Christmas Effect 1:1 Forever

                      (Sniper) Cool Specialized Killstreak Low Profile SMG for 16 Keys,

                      (Demoman) Cool Specialized Killstreak Gingerbread Winner Stickybomb Launcher for 30 Keys,

                      (Spy) Smoking Backbiter's Billycock for 16 Keys,

                      OPEN TO ALL OFFERS. Mixed> Pure> Unusual offers ✅ Feel free to add me or send a offer [⇄] ⚡



                      Trade link:

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