3 weeks ago

                          Unusuals for Trade!
                          CLEAN Cauldron Bubbles Hermes 45 Keys Pure Declined Offers: 30 Keys
                          CLEAN Fifth Dimension Skullbrero 50 Keys Pure FIRM
                          CLEAN Scorching Flames Cool Capuchon 52 Keys Pure FIRM Declined Offers: 42 Keys
                          CLEAN Fragmented Gluons Telefragger Toque 40 Keys Pure
                          CLEAN Morning Glory Gentleman's Ushanka 85 Keys Pure
                          CLEAN Circling Heart Mann of Reason 22 Keys Pure Declined Offers: 15.8 Keys
                          CLEAN Galactic Gateway Highway Star 65 Keys Pure FIRM Declined Offers: 50 Keys
                          CLEAN Clairvoyance Murderer's Motif 30 Keys Pure
                          CLEAN Purple Confetti Le Party Phantom 110 Keys Pure
                          CLEAN Special Snowfall Killing Tree 13 Keys Pure

                          I value unusuals not as overpay but what I would pay for them if I had pure. More then B/O's most of the time.

                          Yo, Merry Christmas
                          This trade is closed.