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                  Selling Spell Items
                  1. V. TM's Tossle Cap (Rotten Orange Footprints) - 15 Keys

                  2. V. Pyro's Beanie (Paint Spell: Die Job) - 4 Keys

                  3. H. Haunted Hat (Paint Spell: Sinister Staining) - 10 Keys
                  4. H. Vicious Visage (Paint Spell: Sinister Staining) - 5 Keys

                  5. Level 100 Haunted Master Mind (Spell: Voices From Below) - 3 Keys

                  6. S. Killstreak Backburner (Halloween Spell: Exorcism) (SP: Tanks & Giant Robots Destroyed) - 3 Key
                  7. S. Carbonado Botkiller Scattergun Mk.I (Halloween Spell: Exorcism) (SP: Point-Blank Kills) - 3 Keys
                  8. S. Liberty Launcher (Halloween Spell: Exorcism) - 2 Keys

                  2. S.H. Tiny Texan (Paint Spell: Putrescent Pigmentation) - 8 Keys
                  Flamboyant Flamenco (Violent Violet Footprints) - 6 Keys
                  H. B-ankh! (Corpse Gray Footprints) - 6 Keys
                  Mishap Mercenary (Paint Spell: Die Job) - 2 Keys
                  H. Sackcloth Spook (Paint Spell: Spectral Spectrum) - 5 Keys
                  Level 100 Haunted Carious Chameleon (Spell: Voices From Below) - 3 Keys
                  Nostromo Napalmer (Halloween Spell: Exorcism) - 3 Keys
                  Killstreak Festive Black Box (Halloween Spell: Exorcism) - 2 Keys

                  Considering offers. Mainly looking for pure.
                  Leave offers in the comments below or add me to discuss.
                  Send a trade offer or add me if interested.
                  Trade Offer Link:

                  What Do These Spells Look Like?
                  - Footprint Spells - causes flames being left in the player's wake as they walk.
                  - Paint Spells - for cosmetic items, causes the item to shift between different colors.
                  - Voices From Below - changes your characters' voice to become lower pitched
                  - Exorcism - kills with that weapon will cause team-colored ghost particles to rise from the corpse of the victim.
                  - Pumpkin Bombs - causes explosions to appear orange and smoke trails to appear purple.

                  Check out this Youtube video (by Strife) to see what the spells effects look like:
                  There is more info on spells on the tf2 wiki:

                  What are spells?
                  Spells were a single use tool item, that are no longer available. They use to be distributed annually during TF2's Halloween events.
                  The first year being during the 2012 event and 2014 event being the last time they were distributed.
                  Spells gave items various Halloween themed effects for when Halloween mode is enabled.
                  The only way to get spell effects now is to trade for items that already had spells applied to them prior to the Tough Break Update (December 2015) when spells became untradable.
                  Items with spells applied to them have become very popular among item collectors.

                  A little more back story and a brief history about spells if you're interested..
                  Spells were supposed to be a limited time item that players could only get and only use during a Halloween event.
                  The spell effects were supposed to expire once a Halloween event had ended.
                  Though players quickly found a glitch to have spell effects after a Halloween event.
                  Players found out if you don't start up TF2 after the expiration date of any spells in your inventory, the spells would still be there and would still be tradable.
                  Then, if you trade a spell to an account that currently has TF2 running you would be able to use the spell on an item. That item would keep the spell effect all year around.

                  It was very common during the Halloween events to have dedicated community servers for farming spells. On these servers Idling players would teleport around koth_lakeside_event to several spots were spells would appear in game to pickup. Spells would appear every 30 minutes or so (If I remember correctly). Some users would stay on these servers for the entire duration of the Halloween event to try to acquire as many spells as possible. There was over a dozen different types of spells and some spells were most popular than others, especially Paint spells and Footprint spells for cosmetic items. Footprint spells had a lower drop rate than any of the other types of spells, they were like the rare 'unusual' drops of spells.

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