9 years ago

        My opst trade
        Soldier class, High teir hat, mid teir effect, overall, pretty good hat.

        I love this hat, not keen on selling it, but I'd like to see what kind of offers I get.

        NOTE I would rather take unusuals than promos, so if you want to offer in promos, they'd better be overpay. On the other hand, promos as sweets is fine.
        I also mostly only want soldier unusuals, particularly the ones listed, but I'm fine with others. If you are looking on trading a different class unusual for this, you probably shouldn't even offer. I might consider demo or scout hats though.

        If you want screenshots of this hat, you have to join my game and look at it for yourself, my screenshot thing is broken.

        Do not add me unless you are offering a Kabuto or a Tyrants, those are the ones I want the most. Especially the Tyrants.

        No B/O here, just offer.

        Noteable offers:
        1 scrap
        Phishing link
        Bubbling cannonball
        Eerie o. fire brain bucket

        This trade is closed.