An Actual Jellyfish

a year ago
    • x14

      You feeling lucky, Pyro mains? You should!

      This extremely rare Collector's Axtinguisher could be yours!

      Extreme rarity

      With Collector Chemistry Kits becoming harder to find as time goes on, it's become increasingly difficult to come across Collector-quality items. The few that exist will never leave the backpacks of their owners... until today. Australiums? Who needs those?

      Fair price

      Only 2 are currently in circulation, and this one is the cheapest!

      Specialised Killstreak installed

      Team Shine best Shine!

      Feel free to leave your offers below, or on Steam - I will get back to you ASAP!

      B/O = 14 keys

      C/O = 11 keys

      NOTE: Due to scammers, I block everyone who adds me with a private inventory - no questions asked. Please make sure your inventory is public before adding me!
      This trade is closed.