17 hours ago

                                          Just looking for offers in pure or Unusual overpay. The Brim of Fire, Wild Brim Slouch and Thousand Yard Stare I unboxed myself so their history is just me! :D

                                          Some stuff is untradable currently but within the next few days, the latest being the 31st, they will become tradable. Everything is tradable now!

                                          Also most of my items listed here will be on the Steam Community Market , so they won't be in my backpack and if they sell I will remove them from the list.

                                          The Wild Brim Slouch, Fried Batter and Hustler's Hallmark have been sold on the market.

                                          Trade url: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=83775626&token=jeCSIP8d

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