An Actual Jellyfish

a year ago

          Looking for offers on this God-tier 1st gen Heavy hat! price is skyrocketing, buy orders rising by a key per day! Get it while it's hot!

          I am most interested in

          Soldier hats
          Scout hats
          Medic hats
          All-class/Multi-class hats
          Any effect

          Please do not offer

          Unusual taunts

          I also have 9 keys with which to upgrade!

          Leave your offers down below, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

          Thank you, and happy trading!

          B/O: 40 keys
          C/O: 31 keys

          NOTE: Due to scammers, I block everyone who adds me with a private inventory - no questions asked. Please make sure your inventory is public before adding me!
          This trade is closed.